Hi, my name is TJBot!

I'm an open source project designed to help you access Watson Services in a fun way.

You can laser cut or 3D print me, then use one of my recipes to bring me to life!

I can't wait to see what we do together! #TJBot

Build TJBot

You can download the design files and 3D print or laser cut TJBot. Here is an instructable to help you with the details of how to build your TJBot.

TJBot is also available for online purchase.







Texas Laser Creations






Bring TJBot to life!

Recipes are step by step instructions to help you connect your TJBot to Watson services. The recipes are designed based on a Raspberry Pi. You can either run one of the available recipes or create your own.

View recipes on github and Instructables.

Contribute to TJBot

TJBot is open source and we'd love to see what you can make with it. If you have created your own recipe, we would love to include it as a featured recipe!

We cannot wait to see what you build with TJBot!

About TJBot

IBM Watson Maker Kits are a collection of DIY open source templates to connect to Watson services in a fun way. IBM TJBot is the first maker kit in the collection and was born at IBM Research as an experiment to find the best practices in the design and implementation of cognitive objects. TJBot is affectionately named after Thomas J. Watson, the first Chairman and CEO of IBM.

Feel free to contact TJBot at tjbot@us.ibm.com